140 Conference to Support the Cure Foundation with National Denim Day #140MTL

Save Lives

May 15th marks an important day in social media for Montreal as formidable minds in digital marketing, community building and all areas of social business take the stage at the 140 Conference Montreal to share their secrets to Social Media Success as well as personal stories of triumph using Social Media. May 15th is also an important day for Canada as socially conscious organizations across the country will be participating in National Denim Day .

One of the most remarkable things about Social Media is the ability it gives us as people, businesses and non profits to extend our reach, to create communities and to work towards social good. When the earthquake happened in Haiti, tweets flew around the world as people joined together to work in rescue, support and fundraising. We see the same when civil unrest exists, when injustices are being served, and when a friend needs a hand. People are reaching out to do “good” online.

The 140 Conference Montreal seeks to spotlight some of the accomplishments people and businesses have achieved using social media, and some of the tools that we will see evolve as the social landscape develops. With an outstanding lineup of speakers from the US and Canada, the event provides a unique opportunity for anyone to learn about how our society is using social media to drive more business make stronger personal connections and drive positive social change.

Presenting the conference in conjunction with National Demin Day is just another way to show support in the community, so many people have been touched by breast cancer, and it’s not just women who are affected. Men can be affected too. It’s great to be partnering with National Denim Day in support of the Cure Foundation.

Join us May 15th at the Cinema Excentris in Montreal as we present the #140 Characters Conference – Exploring the State of Now and don’t forget to wear your jeans in support of the Cure!


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