#140MTL Speaker Heather McCuen @HeatherMcCuen #MPJD

Heather McCuen

Author, Hope in Chaos, Independent writer, performer and producer.

Heather McCuen is an independent writer, performer and producer. She is the author of Hope in Chaos, a play about her experiences as a civilian 1st Responder in Ground Zero immediately following September 11th. Hope in Chaos (www.hopeinchaos.com) received it’s first production in Montreal in the fall of 2010, and premiered in New York at the Richmond Shepard Theater in the fall of 2011, under the direction of Broadways Holly-Anne Ruggiero. She recently returned from the 2012 School for Authentic Journalism in Mexico where she studied Strategic Journalism and Civil Resistance, and where she helped cover the 1-year anniversary of Mexico’s Movement for Peace With Justice and Dignity ( #MPJD ) – a citizen driven movement against the overwhelming violence created by the US-led War on Drugs. She is determined to push the boundaries of theatre and social media as a means of education, empowerment and global unity.

Portfolio: www.heathermccuen.com

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