#140MTL Speaker Doina Oncel @DoinaOncel

Doina Oncel

Founder Doina’s Infinite Solutions

Doina Oncel is the founder and visionary of Doina’s Infinite Solutions – a consulting firm offering Social Media Networking, Project Management and Public Relations to small businesses. Doina immigrated to Canada in 1994 with a dream: to be successful in whatever she does. Doina’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged as she ran a renovation company generating 50% profit margins even though she knew nothing of renovation industry at the time. Her tenacity as well as her networking and business skills were the root of her success and word of mouth became the main form of advertising for her business.
The next chapter of her life involved returning to school to study the Assaulted Women and Children’s Counselling Advocate program as she wanted to make a difference in other women’s lives. Doina experienced domestic abuse herself having to flee her home and live in a shelter for three months with her two children. Once she had found herself to be strong enough to stay on her feet and found herself a place to live and a job in the nonprofit sector, Doina was determined more than ever to succeed in business. She founded Doina’s Infinite Solutions on 2011 helping small businesses to effectively use Social Media to grow their presence online. In September of 2011 Doina was approached by the Entrepreneurial Moms of Toronto chapter to become one of the leaders in planning and executing mastermind events for mom entrepreneurs.
Although Doina is well on her way to success she is staying true to her community and finds it important to give back. She is currently sitting on the Board of Directors of Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter helping women and their children escaping abuse. “Doina has been featured on Small Business Big Ideas Show“, on Neil Patel’s blog Quicksprout.com and on various online publications.” Currently Doina is working with Sean Gardner aka @2morrowknight as her Social Media adviser while building her new PR agency for Tech Startups which is planned to be in full service in 2012.

  • James Griffin

    Hi Diona,  My name is James Griffin Project founder of ; A Little Something for the homeless project – The project collects and distributes personal hygiene products to the homeless. In hopes that someone will raise their self-esteem and turn their life around. Another part of the project I post postive success stories like yours – can I post your success story on my website – alittlesomethingforthehomeless.org 

    Thanks in advance James Griffin