#140MTL Speaker Fatima Omar Khamissa @Spiritualbizmom

Fatima Omar Khamissa

Spiritual Life Coach, Energetic Healer and Internet Marketing Consultant

Fatima Omar Khamissa is a Spiritual Life Coach, Energetic Healer and Internet Marketing Consultant. She is an entrepreneur and top trainer for a private association, where she motivates and teaches tips, tools and techniques on increasing sales and creating successful mindsets to over 62,000 members weekly.
Her passion is helping women globally to find their voices and step into their brilliance. She left an abusive relationship of 21 years with five children and to build her own business and support and sustain herself, her business and her children financially.

She used the same techniques that she teaches to dominate organic Google page one and page two, get over 4000 friends on Facebook, 1100 followers on Twitter, 400 subscribers on YouTube in one year as a single mom of five without a budget.

Fatima is an author, inspirational speaker, mother of five, and the CEO of the Spiritual Biz Moms™, a global company that focuses on empowering women to live their best life through entrepreneurship.

Fatima speaks to worldwide audiences inspiring them with her story of survival and triumph. She left an abusive marriage of 21 years with five children, one of whom has cerebral palsy.

She is also the author of the book, What is Verbal Abuse

She has appeared on Wise Woman Radio, Spiritually Raw Radio, Tonya Freeman Radio Show and G98.7fm. She is Chair of BCX Scarbourough, and President of the Canadian Council for Muslim Woman Toronto Chapter.

Some of the places that Fatima has spoken at include Syeda Khadijah Centre, TARIC, RIS Sisterhood, Smile, Women’s Renew Weekend, Fit Muslimah Summit, International Networking Day

Fatima is the first international radio show host on americanmuslim360.com. Her show GOD Conscious Woman airs every Wednesday at 9am EST.

Connect with Fatima at:

Website: www.fatimaomarkhamissa.com

Twitter: @Spiritualbizmom

Twitter: twitter.com/fatimakhamissa

Facebook: Fatima Omar Khamissa