#140MTL Speaker Gigi Peterkin @Gigi_Peterkin

Gigi Peterkin

Professional Profile

More than 17 years ago I embarked on a journey of building and delivering successful social media, communications and organizational change management programs for pharmaceutical and device companies, large healthcare conglomerates, healthcare publishers and consumer clients. 

I have helped IT managers become effective communicators, written organizational change management programs for international audiences, spoken internationally about social media advocacy (using social media for social good) and social media engagement for regulated industries, launched social media and online programs for highly regulated companies, and worked with consumer clients to deliver great results for their brand using celebrity-centered social media campaigns. 

I’ve worked as a designer and art director (yes, I can make it more blue), built websites, written sales copy, learned international labor laws to create and implement the communications plan for an international workforce reduction, trained executives on how to effectively use social media, convinced lawyers and compliance clients that it IS possible to engage online, and even made the coffee. I’ve had the privilege to moderate panels at SXSW in 2011 and 2012, and was named one of the Top Healthcare Influencers at SXSW 2012 by SocMetrics.

I’m still a shiny red convertible, but I’ve been around the block a few times and know how to handle the curves, navigate the bumps, follow the road signs and speed up to take the lead. I’m also big on metaphors.

Business Accomplishments

  • Successful social media strategist and programmer, I have launched social media programs for international organizations including the first AstraZeneca US corporate blog and Facebook page, both of which accept comments
  • Organizational strategist and counselor, I have created the international organizational change management program for AstraZeneca Clinical Development
  • Networker, connector and PR professional, I have successfully promoted the launch of app updates, new apps, and comprehensive online campaigns for startups, large insurers and national medical diagnostics companies
  • Dynamic presenter and trainer, I have created playbooks for international audiences on social media advocacy, social media programming for regulated industries, social media training for staff and clients, and creating organizational social media guidelines. I’ve moderated two panels at SXSW in the past 2 years: Health: Is there really and app for that? and Designing Positive Daily Addictions
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