#140MTL Speaker Karima-Catherine Goundiam @karimacatherine

Karima-Catherine Goundiam

Digital strategy | Social Media | Brand reputation | Measurement & analytics focused | French & English at Deloitte

Karima-Catherine is a social media practitioner and digital executive with a 15 years experience, including 10 years in project management, customer relationship, portfolio management and marketing.

She has been building online communities and have been contributing to online business growth since 2004. Karima believes that social media is a reflection of an organisation’s DNA.
Social media allows a tremendous opportunity for businesses to participate in the conversation with their consumers. It allows direct communications with those who they want to matter to.

Social media has allowed the convergence of digital and offline campaigns, brands and consumers, technology and marketing. And most of all, Social media forces to break the silos within the organization and makes it possible to fully develop an authentic relationship with the customers.

As a digital strategist and social media practitioner:

★ Karima works with senior management and executives to help them better understand the digital landscape.
★ Karima help organizations define their business goals, build and execute their integrated digital programs.
★ Karima builds social media programs to generate leads, create brand awareness and build a community of brand ambassadors.

In Karima’s current role at Deloitte Canada, she is responsible to define the integrated B2B social media strategy. Karima works across multiple service lines and industries to help them define digital strategies and act as social media expert within the organization as follows :

• Work with senior management to implement social media adoption in the firm
• Develop integrated social media programs across the organization
• Develop and grow the corporate blogging program including the content creation
• Manage the online communities and digital assets
• Provide social media mentoring to senior executives
• Advise subject matter experts in various industries and service lines on Web / digital best practices
• Define strategic business requirements for integrated social media campaigns
• Ensure effective delivery of social media campaigns in alignment with marketing and business objectives
• Evaluate new digital opportunities
• Co-lead social media and community analytics
• Responsible for the online monitoring using various social media tools
• Represent Deloitte Canada online