#140MTL Speaker Pamela Ross @pamelamaeross

Pamela Ross

Chief Experience Officer

Pam Ross has spent more than 15 years working “in the trenches” in Operations and Human Resources in customer-oriented businesses. During her time working for large and growing corporations, she was involved in building culture and improving employee engagement from a strategy and program development perspective. She discovered a talent for translating strategy into execution, inspiring action, developing leaders, and creating people programs that drive exceptional customer experience, which she is extremely passionate about.

Pam has developed a very engaged community on social media and has also become known as a thought leader in the area of Social Business and Innovative HR practices. She is a sought after speaker about Social Media Magic for HR. She is also a Partner and Producer of Impact99: Canada’s Social Business + Social HR event

Over her years working for national, service-oriented businesses, a few key principles have proved themselves time and time again. For Pam’s clients, these become apparent very quickly. Click the link below to see what Pam believes. Pam Ross Commitments and Philosophies

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