#140MTL Speaker Quentin Newhouse, Jr. @quentinnewhouse

Dr. Quentin Newhouse, Jr.

President, Q Newhouse Structured Coaching Strategies, Inc.

Quentin Newhouse, Jr. immigrated to Canada in 2008 after 35 years experience as a university professor and administrator. With a BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Psychology and credits toward an MBA with a concentration in Management, he has always been researching how to get people to interact more effectively with systems. Dr. Newhouse has received many honors, including Who’s Who in America and Stanford’s Who’s Who. Dr. Newhouse has corporate experience as a Direct Market Analyst and US Government experience as a Statistician and Computer Specialist. Dr. Newhouse is currently pursuing IPEC certification as a Life and Organizational Coach.
As a Life and Organizational Coach, Dr. Newhouse has a particular interest in how social media mediate a client’s ability to navigate interactions with “experts” such as medical doctors, mechanics, and cab drivers. This area of research called credence goods, encourages questioning the services given by these experts that is normally not questioned or challenged. In the health care arena, there are increasing numbers of errors associated with hospital and health care. Mechanics are rarely questioned about replacing parts and correctly repairing vehicles. Cab drivers may take unsuspecting riders on alternate routes that may cost more than expected. Dr. Newhouse believes that developing coaching strategies and sharing information through web-based sources such as the Internet, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter will produce a more knowledgeable consumer. Accessing sites that rate the quality of doctors, hospitals and other health services, Rate the Doctor websites, tagging, liking, tweeting, and referring will result in the ability to ask the right questions, perhaps resulting in more accountable and reliable service.
Dr. Newhouse can be found on Facebook, Twitter and G+ where he is promoting his theory on credence goods and coaching.