#140MTL Speaker Tom Liacas @TomLiacas

Tom Liacas

Managing Director at Engagement Labs

An M.A. graduate in Media Studies, Tom Liacas is a senior digital strategist who cut his teeth creating and managing networked campaigns well before the term ‘social media’ existed. Innovating in the trenches of DIY tech activist groups such as Indymedia and Adbusters in the 90s, Tom perfected the social approaches he now oversees for global brand managers. Given this history, he brings a deep understanding of digital culture to his work and, as a result, a keen sense of which social approaches will perform and which will likely fail. A firm believer in analytics and ROI, Tom has co-created the patent-pending eValue Social Media Efficiency Calculator and works actively, as Managing Director of Engagement Labs, to deploy further solutions to help optimize the performance of social campaigns. Tom may be found here on Twitter: @TomLiacas