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The #140MTL was an amazing conference filled with inspiring presentations from all areas. It’s no surprise that many of the speakers are authors who have shared their stories, experiences and knowledge in many areas through their books. Since many of you have asked for links we thought it would be a wonderful idea to put together our own Author’s Corner where you can take a look at many of the titles the #140MTL speakers have available.

Social Media, Marketing and Customer Service

Featured New Release by Ric Dragon: Social Marketology

“Stop using unstructured and ineffective approaches to marketing through social media, and prepare for Social Marketology.”

“Drawing from his unique insights into the history of marketing and process methodologies such as LEAN and the Capability Maturity Model, Ric Dragon develops a social media process that is repeatable, and improvable. Freeing marketers to unleash their creativity, Dragon also provides a structure for maintaining accountability within a social media campaign. By providing a framework around which a focused social media campaign may be constructed, Social Marketology provides a concrete method for marketing through social media that is also flexible enough to be adapted to the social media platforms of today and tomorrow.

While many social media marketing strategies don’t offer much beyond establishing an online presence and some “tips and tricks” for particular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Social Marketology draws off a more holistic body of knowledge that incorporates social media within in the context of larger organizational goals. By the end of this book, you will have the knowledge to implement an effective social media marketing campaign that is testable, controllable, and fully integrated within broader campaigns and goals.”

Kindle Edition



What’s Your Purple Goldfish

Stan Phelps searched high and wide to find 1000 examples of “Marketing Lagniappe” If you enjoyed his presentation at #140MTL, this book will take you on a journey to really understand how to delight your customers and always exceed their expectations.


The Last Original Idea [Kindle Edition]

Alan K’necht (Author), Geri Rockstein (Author)
“… is a chronicle of communication and commerce as seen through the lens of the Internet. It is a must-have reference book for marketing people..”
Jim Sterne Founder of
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit



Personal Empowerment and Inspiration

99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before… Starting Their Own Business

by Erica Diamond



Fatima Omar Khamissa, inspirational speaker, author and entrepreneur has shared her wisdom in her Kindle e-book: What is Verbal Abuse? Identifying if you are in a violent relationship and how to help yourself through education and empowerment.


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