Kicking off the Weekend With A Deal for Bloggers #140MTL Pass – Act Now! #blogchat #socialgood

According to the 2011 Technorati report “State of the Blogosphere” 60% of Bloggers are reported as “Hobbyists” – people who blog for fun and don’t report any income from blogging.

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Demystifying Social Media and Digital Marketing for the Business World – Montreal Conference #140MTL


Demystifying Social Media and Digital Marketing for the Business World – 140 Montreal Conference

Grow Your Business Online (Infographic)

Montreal, May 7, 2012— Social Media use for business is largely misunderstood by the general population. Many people feel it takes too much time, or involves playing games like Farmville – the serious (traditional) business person generally stays away. Others who have taken a dive into social media by hiring external agencies risk being out of the loop and unable to understand what their money is going into if they are not well informed. May 15th in Montreal, the 140 Conference will offer a unique opportunity for executives, directors of non-profits, small business owners and anyone seeking to understand what is happening with social media in business in today’s environment.

This one day event will cover the A-Z of Social Media, community building, and relationship marketing through the speakers shared experiences. The conference is unique because it is extremely interactive, over 30 renowned speakers will share stories about challenges, and what they have learned and how they have used social media to improve their services, their business outreach and in many cases their lives. The event also provides ample Read More