Demystifying Social Media and Digital Marketing for the Business World – Montreal Conference #140MTL


Demystifying Social Media and Digital Marketing for the Business World – 140 Montreal Conference

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Montreal, May 7, 2012— Social Media use for business is largely misunderstood by the general population. Many people feel it takes too much time, or involves playing games like Farmville – the serious (traditional) business person generally stays away. Others who have taken a dive into social media by hiring external agencies risk being out of the loop and unable to understand what their money is going into if they are not well informed. May 15th in Montreal, the 140 Conference will offer a unique opportunity for executives, directors of non-profits, small business owners and anyone seeking to understand what is happening with social media in business in today’s environment.

This one day event will cover the A-Z of Social Media, community building, and relationship marketing through the speakers shared experiences. The conference is unique because it is extremely interactive, over 30 renowned speakers will share stories about challenges, and what they have learned and how they have used social media to improve their services, their business outreach and in many cases their lives. The event also provides ample opportunity for anyone involved (from speakers to audience) to network, ask questions on a one on one basis, and learn from the fast paced talks.

The event will spotlight key speakers and thought leaders in Social Media strategy from the US and Canada, such as Sam Fiorella, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Sensei Marketing in Toronto, “I chose 140 Conference Montreal as the place to launch my ‘Business 20/20′ concept, which is the foundation for an upcoming business book depicting what a social business will look like in the year 2020.” Kathy (Kat) Mandelstein, Director of World Wide Demand, Digital Marketing & Events, IBM Social Business, will also present, “I am thrilled to be speaking at the first #140CONF in Montreal focused on a key strategic growth area for most companies today, Social Business. This is the perfect format to have the important discussion of how social is transforming the business world.”

Ric Dragon, CEO of Dragon Search, and author of the upcoming book “Social Marketology” being released by McGrawHill, will also be presenting as well as Josepf Haslam, known for his strong SEO background, who leads Business Development for Dragon Search. They recently co-authored a comprehensive infographic that walks business owners through a complete marketing process, including Social, copies of which will be distributed at the 140 Conference Montreal. Josepf explained, “Search engines are incorporating Social Media Signals into their search results, meaning that users of social media have an edge over non-users in getting found online. Social media also allows for community building which can turn your customers into digital advocates. Social media allows for discovery. Any given blog post, or Tweet, or LinkedIn share could find it’s way in front of a new potential client who otherwise would have never heard about you.”

Mila Araujo, Director of Personal Insurance for Ogilvy & Ogilvy Inc. and Producer of the 140 Conference Montreal, explained “ When Social Networking sites started to gain popularity and make its way into the media, the business uses were not well known (and still are not). Why? Because Social wasn’t launched for business marketing! The Social Phenomena started on an individual basis. Now several years later, Social Media offers everyone from the small business owner, to large corporations a new way to build brand awareness and generate new sales and leads. Understanding this takes a significant amount of time, but when you come to en event like a 140 Conference, you start to meet with those who are using it successfully in many different industries and points of view and it brings the whole social scape into focus.” Mila discovered this at a 140 event in Hudson Valley in 2011, and immediately decided it was something that had to be offered in Montreal, “This kind of event drives it home for people – in a fun and dynamic way. The knowledge gained in one day is invaluable.”

The 140 Montreal boasts a strong presence of inspiring women speakers, 50% of the presenters being women, which is unique. Deborah Weinstein, Co-founder, Partner and President of Strategic Objectives, the award winning Toronto PR Firm, will present among other inspirational women speakers, who will share their stories of empowerment and success using social media.

The conference will also feature a special panel on Real Estate, talks from all areas of the business world, a presentation on Linked In, by Simon Hénault, Founder of Linked Québec, and a wealth of knowledge from a world class lineup of speakers that is hard to match.

Presentations will touch all sectors addressing the areas of Branding, Marketing, Customer Service, Social Business Strategy, Social Media Measurement, Non-profit, Education, Health, Leadership, Human Resources, Media, Blogging, Building Community, Communications, the Arts, Gamification and Location Marketing.

The event is sponsored by Ogilvy & Ogilvy Inc., a relationship focused third generation financial services firm with offices in Toronto and Montreal, additional sponsors include Aviva Canada and Tourisme Montreal.

When asked, “Why the investment in social media?”, Mila commented: “People, companies, and in particular, non-profits can accomplish so much more when they start to understand the value in using social media. Social Media is not only about online sales, it’s about community, relationships and building things together. As a Financial services firm in business for over 85 years, Ogilvy & Ogilvy recognizes the importance of relationships – it’s what the business is built on. We are presenting this in hopes that our population comes out to take advantage of the event and all these amazing visiting speakers. The knowledge it will provide for success, and a speaker line up like this covering this topic in such an entertaining and easy to understand format is not easy to come by. It’s going to be a fantastic day!”

Businesses and organizations are realizing the value of social media and looking to understand how it can be used – the 140 Conference provides an ideal opportunity to understand. The “State of Now” 140 Characters Conference was launched by Jeff Pulver in 2009 in New York City . #140conf events have taken place all over the world in cities such as Barcelona, Washington D.C., SXSW (Austin), San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Tel Aviv. The conferences feature talks that share how emerging technology has effected our world and spotlight how we are all inter-connected. From business to personal stories, the 140 Conference series is known to move people from laughter to tears as experiences are shared in a fast moving and inspirational format. This is the premiere of 140 Conference in Montreal.

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