Kicking off the Weekend With A Deal for Bloggers #140MTL Pass – Act Now! #blogchat #socialgood

According to the 2011 Technorati report “State of the Blogosphere” 60% of Bloggers are reported as “Hobbyists” – people who blog for fun and don’t report any income from blogging.

What does this mean? It means that as an important part of the online community, bloggers should have access to conferences like #140MTL, but may not be able to justify the cost. We want you there!

We approached our sponsors, and since we are rolling into the final days before #140 Conference Montreal, and we haven’t seen the kind of presence we would like from the blogger community, we came up with a proposal and we have some great news for bloggers! One of our sponsors has decided to subsidize a limited number of tickets to give bloggers a break!

So register NOW, using promo code BLOGGER and get in on the conference in Montreal, as an important element of the social landscape, we want you there and we don’t want money to be the stopper/.

It’s all about community right?!

We extend this to non-profit organisations as well. There are a limited number of seats available so jump in now.

These tickets are limited and at a significant discount – go now!


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