Les médias sociaux, les affaires, les ONG et le succès – La conférence 140 caractères – Montreal le 15 Mai

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Les médias sociaux, les affaires, les ONG et le succès : La conférence 140 caractères – Montreal le 15 Mai

Montréal, le 1 mai, 2012 –La conférence 140 caractères (140conference) présente une occasion unique de s’informer, se former et réseauter autour des médias sociaux. La conference 140 caratères de Montréal s’inscrit dans une longue suite de conférences données à travers le monde à l’initiative du gourou des communications digitales: Jeff Pulver. Après des dizaines de villes dans le monde, elle aura lieu pour la première fois a Montréal le 15 mai. 35 conférenciers seront là pour illustrer auprès d’une audience internationale comment Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. ont bouleversé la donne pour toutes les organisations. Ces grands noms des réseaux sociaux partageront avec les participants leurs succès comme leurs échces. C’est aussi la première conférence de ce calibre qui reflète la réalité des réseaux sociaux: 50% des présentateurs seront des femmes, un taux record encore trop exceptionnel en 2012. Read More

Westmount Insurance Brokerage Brings Social Media to Montreal — 140 Conference Montreal: Exploring the “State of Now”


Ogilvy & Ogilvy is proud to announce sponsorship of the Montreal 140 Conference, to take place May 15th 2012. The 140 Conferences have taken place in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tel Aviv, and many other cities worldwide. Mila Araujo, Director of Personal Insurance at Ogilvy & Ogilvy is producing the event. This will be the first time the conference is offered in Montreal, providing a unique opportunity for Montrealer’s to participate and learn. Social media has altered the way we are doing business; it has contributed to the emergence of a new era in business communication, and to the strengthening of corporate relationships in communities and among consumers.

The conference features over 30 spectacular speakers in a lineup that is hard to match. Among the speaker line up: Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image and local Montrealer, dubbed the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” by Marketing Magazine who refers to him as “one of North America’s leading digital visionaries” will be opening the conference with his presentation. Mila met Mitch for the first time in Los Angeles, at Blogworld Expo.  Kathy (Kat) Mandelstein, Director Social Business, WW Marketing Programs, Web & Events, IBM Worldwide will present  “The Social Business”,  Stan Phelps,  Author, “What’s Your Purple Goldfish: How to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth”  as well as Deborah Weinstein, Co-founder,  Partner and President of  Strategic  Objectives,  the award winning Toronto PR Firm, known for their corporate social responsibility campaigns. The conference will also feature a special panel on Real Estate and a full day packed with high caliber speakers .

Presentations that will touch all sectors addressing the areas of Branding, Marketing, Customer Service, Social Business Strategy, Social Media Measurement, Non-profit, Education, Leadership, Human Resources, Media, Blogging, Building Community, Communications, and the Arts

As Director of Personal Insurance at Ogilvy & Ogilvy, Mila Araujo embarked on a journey to understand social media and how it could be used to benefit Ogilvy & Ogilvy’s clients two years ago. “We wanted to understand how we could increase accessibility to our clients, be more involved in social causes and integrate social into our business for optimum customer experience.”

As part of this effort, she attended conferences in several cities in the US. After realizing how much knowledge could be accumulated at just one conference vs. hours of researching and trying to learn online, she wanted to make the event accessible to Quebecers, and bring more people to Montreal. Ogilvy’s commitment to the community and relationships made them a natural sponsor of the event. When asked, why the investment in social media? Mila commented: “People, companies, non-profits can accomplish so much when they start to understand the value in using social media. Social Media is not about online sales, it’s about community, relationships and building things together. This conference looks to provide a 360 experience to professionals looking to understand how to successfully use social media, by providing fast paced talks and networking opportunities covering successful strategies in Social Media across a range of industries and people.“

Ogilvy & Ogilvy has been in business for over 85 years, a third generation, family run financial services firm – built on relationships.

As the social landscape changes and consumers look to social media channels such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and other social sharing sites. It makes sense for businesses to not only understand where their consumers are, but how to get involved in the community and create opportunities for outreach, dialogue and better customer service.

Unfortunately understanding social media is difficult, it takes hours of exploration and learning, many feel they just don’t have the time to invest. This conference provides an opportunity to gain understanding much faster and more effectively than if people have to do all the research by themselves.

We are proud to be a part of bringing this outstanding speaker line up via 140 conference Montreal to our clients and to our community” said Bruce Ogilvy, President of Ogilvy & Ogilvy Inc., “We have already had a great deal of interest from our clients, we love the opportunity to be involved.

Mila Araujo, Director of Personal Insurance for Ogilvy & Ogilvy is producing the event. In addition to Ogilvy & Ogilvy’s sponsorship, the event is also supported by Tourisme Montreal and Aviva Canada. The Conference is on May 15th at The Excentris Theatre on St-Laurent. Tickets are on sale at http://140confMTL.eventbrite.com.