Amazing Women Speakers at #140MTL #Montreal

Women speakers are still considered rare on the Social Media circuit. As a frequent conference attendee and speaker I can attest to this first hand. So it struck me as I was tweeting to a possible attendee of the #140MTL, that we have a lot of women speakers! I stopped, dropped, and rolled over to our site to check. We have 35 announced speakers and 17 of them are women! (inside scoop, we most likely will have at least one more woman speaker, making it 18/18).

Wow! This event is already going to be amazing. But it may also be the first premium conference to have 50% of it’s speakers be women! Join us to see these amazing women (and stellar guys too). The first International 140 Conference in Montreal is simply a cannot miss event. Register today!

Eventbrite - State of Now -140 Conference Montreal (#140MTL) May 15th, 2012

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